Earn 50-100% Commissions

Want To Earn 50-100% Commissions? Here’s How!

Hello Fellow Internet Marketer,

I have a very special opportunity for you today! I have decided to offer up to 100% commission on several of my products!

I have several quality products you can sell for up to 100% commission.

Here is the best part about 100% commission:

  • You don’t have to create a product
  • You don’t have to worry about customer service
  • You don’t have to worry about the delivery of the product
  • You Keep ALL THE MONEY!

All the pros of being a product creator without any of the headaches.

Here is what I will take care of:

  • I will handle customer service (I have a team for this)
  • I will deliver the product (I have software for this)
  • I will handle the payment processing

All you have to do is send traffic then wait to get paid! Yup!

Okay, so now your convinced right? Now lets break out the products!

I will start with the most expensive and work my way down (That’s why your here right? The money!)


Blog Flipping Ninja $7

This is a very informative hiqh quality ebook that teaches a new marketer how to get started building and flipping websites for a profit.

Visit the sales page here.

Sign up for 100% commission here.


Make Money Selling Services Video Course $7

This is a high quality video course about selling services and how to make $97 or more per customer.

Visit the sales page here.

Sign up for 100% commission here.


Adswap List Building Secrets $7

Great ebook that reveals ways to profit with adswaps while building your list at super speed.

Vies the sales page here.

Sign up for 100% commission here.


My Internet Marketing Coaches Membership $27/month

Promote my coaching membership and earn 50% recurring commissions each month.

Vies the sales page here.

Sign up for 50% recurring commission here.


Warrior Forum Special Offers

I have many Warrior Forum Special Offers You Can Promote For 100% Commissions Here.


Thanks for promoting my products and I hope you make a ton of money!


To your success,

Coby Wright


P.S. I am always here to help you in anyway at all. If you need to contact me simply go to http://support.cobywright.com

4 Replies to “Earn 50-100% Commissions”

  1. Hay Coby,

    I have know you for some time and watch all the hard work you put in to your business.
    You have work hard to help others to grow in this business. Thank you for all that you have done.
    ps: keep dancing

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