Don’t Make These 3 Dumb Mistakes Like Most Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing has truthfully changed the way individuals market their products online. It has become the staple for efficient advertising, and lacking this, companies can expect their sales to fall significantly.

Since the natural tendency of individuals these days is to look online for reviews, product specifications, and pretty much all pieces of information concerning any product or service they may want, the unwavering businessman should be able to steer clear of the three pitfalls in affiliate marketing. For further information on this and to steer clear of these mistakes, all you have to do is read on.

The accomplishment of any affiliate marketing effort depends on the affiliate marketer’s knack to prevent the three main mistakes. First and foremost, affiliate marketers should on no account ever skip research. Presenting wrong information in marketing strategies will only cause unwanted purchases and lost credibility.

The second mistake is the failure to get assistance from the top affiliate networks. These networks know which products are marketable, and which ones aren’t. If the affiliate marketer does not check the information in these affiliate networks, then they may be wasting time promoting a product or service that has zero marketability.

The last mistake to prevent in affiliate marketing is deciding on a product in an industry that is already over saturated. By over saturated, we mean that there are by now a lot of other internet marketers in that industry already. A beginning marketer will in no way stand a chance against the already established marketers, so it is best for them to start with niches that are not yet altogether saturated. If these three pitfalls are avoided, then any affiliate marketing effort can be a enormous success.

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4 Replies to “Don’t Make These 3 Dumb Mistakes Like Most Affiliate Marketers”

  1. Hey Coby,

    Great information here. Just wanted to ask if you could expand on the third point you made on going into a niche that is over saturated. As I understand it, in order to gauge the potential of a niche a good indicator is the amount of competition. How would you make the assessment that there is too much competition in a niche you’re considering (or too little)?

    • Hey Jay,

      Competition is good – means there is money…

      But, it really depends on your plan…

      For instance – if you plan to use SEO then a niche like internet marketing will be very hard to get results in… Whereas a term like potato sack dresses would be easy but likely no one is buying those…

      However – if you plan to do list marketing (like me) then the heavier niches are good because you can finds lots of people to work with and to buy traffic from to build your lists.

      Hope this helps.


  2. I wanted to ask about that third point as well, but I guess you pretty much gave the answers already. Nice question, Jay! From my point of view, the main lesson I see in this post is that you should ask for all the help that you can get. For the large niches, like those who talk about businesses that resell SEO services, there are a lot of forums where they can ask for help.

  3. Hello, Coby:

    Your post provides some good guidance for Affiliate Marketers. Effective research, support from experienced marketers and/or a professional network, and determining adequate market potential are all very important elements of preparing for a successful business.

    🙂 GT Bulmer
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