Is It Time I Design My Own Information Product?

Have a look all over the place at successful internet marketers and you will see that nearly all of them have their own info products that they are selling. Making and selling an info product is in my belief THE basis to success online. So the remedy to your problem ‘should I design my own info product’ is a certain and firm YES!

To start with you should have a decent idea for a product. It must be something people have a desire for and which they will be ready to spend money on in order to obtain it.

Do not dig too deep and do not attempt to reinvent the wheel once it comes to creating your own info product – merely take a peek around at what is already selling. Proceed to the Clickbank Marketplace and see what are the better selling products in a specific category. Proceed to the Warrior forum and look at what is hot in the WSO forum or read the main discussion area and seek out the common questions that people are asking.

If you want to create your own info product you have a number of separate options in terms of what you can build – an info product can be an eBook or brief report, an audio product, a video product or an online webinar for example. You could put all the info into a single product or you could split it off into modules or a series of brief reports.

Doesn’t matter what you come to a decision upon, building something which you can call ‘MY own info product’ is absolutely something you should do if you’re serious about your web business. Of course it is viable to earn a significant deal of money online only by acting as an affiliate, however in my experience your own products are where the bona fide money comes in. Imagine having an army of affiliates who drive traffic to your products while you take 50% of the profit without doing anything – it IS probable!

The secret to a lucrative and well-liked info product is to present genuine value in anything you create – continually offer magnificent content, over-deliver and under charge. That way you will have satisfied customers who will come back to you time and time again to spend money.

Now that you can see how important it is to start creating your own information product you need to start creating your own. If you need more guidance I urge you to get coaching by joining my membership site at


3 Replies to “Is It Time I Design My Own Information Product?”

  1. Nice. Insightful. And just timely for me.

    Have been thinking about it for sometime, this post just gave me the final push.

    Thank you. I am gonna start working on it now.


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