Income Jacker Review | Is Income Jacker All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

In this short video I give you some shocking stats about YouTube and I also did an income jacker review. At around the 01:32 I talked about it in detail. Here is some more information on income jacker:

“Income Jacker is a piece of software and training videos that help you learn to make money on YouTube by finding profitable products to promote, analyzing the competition, even getting you views, likes and comments on near auto-pilot….”

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One Reply to “Income Jacker Review | Is Income Jacker All It’s Cracked Up To Be?”

  1. Hey Folks,

    Edwin Torres (the creator of Income Jacker) let me know that you don’t need to have “3 greats” for a video to be a good idea to rank for.

    If you get 2 “greats” then it’s a good candidate.


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