Is Affiliate Marketing To Competitive To Make Money Online?

This quick video is an excerpt from a recent internet marketing training session in which I answered the question of one attendee who asked..

“Is Affiliate Marketing To Competitive To Make Money Online?”

My answer is one that might surprise you! To check it out just click play on the video below now…

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2 Replies to “Is Affiliate Marketing To Competitive To Make Money Online?”

  1. Hi Coby
    It isn’t really that hard to get your product seen as far as I can see. It appears to be more difficult to get people to accept that they don’t pay more buying from an affiliate. I don’t know why it seems to be such an issue but many marketers say buyers skip the affiliate lots of times and buy from the producer. That’s a thought.
    I think branding and some repetition helps there.

    • Hey Janny,

      Absolutely! I agree 100% that branding and reputation play a big role. You should always be trying to build your brand.


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