Why You Should Be Using Video!

I made you a quick video review on Mark Hess’ Video creation course and also a refresher on why you should be using video in your internet marketing business or when trying to make money online with affiliate marketing using Clickbank or Amazon.

Get Mark Hess’ Video Creation Course Here


5 Replies to “Why You Should Be Using Video!”

  1. Hi Coby
    This looks promising. It’s a good offer and may entice me yet to do videos. The fact that it’s chosen by some over Camtasia says a lot for it.

    • Hey Janny,

      Camtasia has a huge learning curve. I’ve been quietly using the same software he recommends for several months now…

      Plus the price is so much more affordable which is always enticing to anyone 🙂


    • Hey Jace,

      Heck, I learned something just watching the video on the sales page 🙂

      Definitely filled in many gaps and I consider myself to be somewhat of a “video star” lol

      Thanks for the support!


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