How In The Heck Do I Come Up With Article Ideas?

Article marketing is a remarkable method in your online arsenal. Come up with exciting articles, submit them to the proper sites, and you are looking at getting some moderate traffic. Nevertheless while all this is good, just how DO you come up with article ideas in the first place?

It’s a universal setback. You’re sitting there with a bare page in front of you and you just can’t think of something to write about. My advice would be to not reinvent the wheel. I’m not saying go out and copy someone else’s articles, but do a bit of simple exploration…

1. Look at Article Directories

Select a very common issue in your niche, search for it on Ezine Articles or a search engine, and see what comes back. Look at the article categories also. You should also look at the “most viewed” and “most published” articles for your niche. Chances are you’ll come up with many article ideas without too much effort just by looking around at

2. Look all-around you in everyday life.

Sounds a bit vague I agree, except you have to get into the mindset of an article writer. You could be anywhere – out shopping, visiting your cousin in another state, or driving in your boat on a sunny day. Ideas are all around us. If you are in the local grocery store have a look at the magazine rack and look through some magazine articles. This has given me many ideas for articles and it’s a great way to get some inspiration.

3. Visit forums and blogs

Everywhere that people come together to have a discussion about a particular topic is a excellent way to come up with article ideas. Pick out the most popular threads and find out what people are chatting about. If you can find the passionate topics in your niche you will do well with your article marketing.

4. Look at the sales pages of products in your niche

Look for a popular product in your niche and take a peek at the sales page. Observe the headlines and bullet points. For example, “Why you must build an email list” or “Best ways to monteize your blogs”. These are just two headlines I saw from two well-liked products. These are both wonderful broad subjects you can write articles on.

What most people discover is that once they have got started the ideas begin to flow and the talent to come up with article ideas becomes second nature. Look around you. Think about what people are chatting about in your niche. You will most likely find that one idea leads to another, and another, and another…

That’s it for today’s post, and I like to always end the post with something that will help you out. If you want to generate many unique versions of your orginal articles to submit ot other directories you can get my free article spinner at


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