4 Ways To Use PLR Articles That Are Just Gathering Dust

If you have been hanging around the internet marketing world for any major duration of time then the odds are you’ll possess PLR articles that are just gathering dust on your computer. Why haven’t you put them to work in your advantage? PLR articles can be a beneficial source of content for your internet marketing business, as long as you use them in the proper way.

Here are 4 ways to use PLR articles:

1. Re-write them and publish the articles to article directories

The important point here is that you meticulously re-write the subject matter and make it your own. Ideally you want this to be to the point where your brand new article is completely different from the original. When you have done this, submit it to article directories and include a link back to your website. I’m certain you know more or less how article marketing works, so I won’t get into any detail at this time.

book_pen2. Package them up as a report

PLR articles can be quite simply prepared into a report or eBook. How? Just locate 20-30 articles which are based around a related topic, then turn each one into an unique chapter. Therefore let’s say you fancy to make a report on blogging. Obtain a PLR article that gives an overview of blogging, another the advantages and disadvantages, one more article which is about blog monetization strategies… you get the idea. You will, in all probability, have to adjust the articles a small amount, remove repetitions of similar information, and perhaps insert an introduction, nevertheless it’s much easier than writing an eBook from scratch.

3. Take advantage of them as autoresponder emails

One of the best ways to use PLR articles is to use each article as a message in your autoresponder email sequence. Adapt them slightly so that you are talking directly to your subscribers, and insert in your personal stories or experiences which relate to the article.

4. Take advantage of them as blog content

This is a great use for PLR articles, nonetheless one more time the most vital thing is that you re-write them and produce them exclusive to you. After re-writing them you simply post them to your blog or website. You can then slightly modify it again and submit it to more directories.

There are numerous ways to use PLR articles but with a bit of luck this has given you a few ideas to get going. If you would like to take some of the hassle out of re-writing PLR articles you can use my free article spinner to generate several unique versions of the article.

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  1. Hi Coby, I watched the webninar last night. Great stuff man. Where can I find a link to the new age article marketing book?

    Stay Well Stay Happy


  2. Although I actually own one of the greatest PLR sites on the web, I have decided to utilize it in a different way. Rewriting PLR e-books and submitting them to Amazon Kindle is actually a terrific way to make a recurring cash flow that will last for many years. There is no easier way to become a written and published writer.

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