Here’s 4 Great Ways of Getting Free Traffic To Any Site

Every online business needs traffic, but the trouble is that not everyone has huge amounts of cash to spend on generating it. Methods such as Google Adwords can be a fantastic source of traffic but if you don’t know what you are doing it is easy to spend lots of money on advertising and not see any return on your investment.

Here are 4 great ways of getting free traffic. In my opinion some of them are better than many paid methods!

1. Blog Commenting

Finding relevant blog posts and then making insightful comments on them, while including a link back to your site, is a great way of getting free traffic. The key is to ensure your comments are relevant and interesting so that people actually read them. Carefully read the original post and then add your own thoughts on the subject. If you can, include a personal experience within your comment (obviously this may not always be possible but if you can it adds a lot of credibility to your comment.

2.    Social Media

Sending links to your Twitter followers or starting a ‘fan group’ on Facebook can be an excellent way of getting free traffic. If you can attract the right kind of people they should be highly responsive to what you post and want to check out your websites. Remember – be interesting and ask yourself why someone would want to interact with you. Give them a good reason!

3.    Adswaps

‘You email your list with my link and I’ll email my list with your link.’

Yes there is more to a successful email adswap than that but that is the basis of what is one of my favorite ways of getting free traffic. The most important thing is to adswap with someone who has a compatible list and ensure that your offer is a good one.

4.    Article Marketing

It seems to have gone out of fashion slightly but article marketing can still be an excellent method to have in your arsenal. If you can make your articles genuinely useful to somebody (let’s face it half of the articles you read these days are quite simply junk and are churned out of spinners) then you shouldn’t find it too difficult to entice your readers onto your website. Just make sure that your articles make you look like an authority source.

Finding ways of getting free traffic which work for you can take time while you experiment and discover which methods get you the best results. When you find a way that generates you lots of traffic all you need to do is increase your efforts in that area – and the best part is it won’t cost you anything apart from your time to do it!.

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4 Great Ways of Getting Free Traffic

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    • It’s very easy. Just write some articles on with relevence to your site. Then paste a link to your website in the article and publish it. People will read it and visit your site. Google might index your article too. If your site is not indexed in google yet, you can try this out because google bot will index both the article and your site.

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