Forum Marketing – Don’t Do It This Way

Attempting to make money online? Do you have your own internet business? Maybe you want to start one? Or do you have a new product and want to spread the word? You might even be wanting to test the waters, so to speak, and give this internet marketing thing a try. Forum marketing is an awesome form of internet marketing when done correctly. The problem is, most people do this incorrectly. I will detail three ways people do this wrong so you can avoid these pitfalls and actually make some money from forum marketing.

  1. Spam the forum like crazy! Drop affiliate links all over the place, usually in unrelated threads. Start new threads with the sole purpose of directing people to a sales page or a squeeze page. Don’t provide any value in your post, just post to a product so you will be sure to make sales. Fill your signature box up with as many links as possible so you can get the most exposure for all your offers.
  2. Post one liners that provide no quality or even content, such as “I agree” or “good point”. Doing this will not make someone notice your signature. Make sure to do this as much as possible so you can get a really high post count and all the newbies will think your an expert.
  3. Bad mouth anyone that disagrees with you. Who cares if their way works, your opinion is the only one that counts. If they don’t like it, they can bite it. You don’t care what they think, why should you?

Okay, remember these are the WRONG ways. You may note a hint of sarcasm, but you’d be surprised how often this stuff really happens. If you want to make an impact using forum marketing then you need to keep in mind that a forum is a community. You want to try to get along with everyone. Build a relationship and some credibility. You want to be accepted as part of the group before you start trying to promote stuff. If you have a good one or two lines in your signature and make quality posts then they will visit these links. The goal with forum marketing is to get traffic. In order to get this traffic you have to be seen as someone who knows their stuff.

In conclusion, if you want to really make the most money from your forum marketing efforts you need to build relationships and make quality posts. Avoid the three steps listed above and you’re sure to be making more money online in no time. You can get my Forum Marketing Software for free to help boost your efforts at

8 Replies to “Forum Marketing – Don’t Do It This Way”

  1. Hi Coby

    Great post mate – and you make some excellent points.

    I’m a huge fan of forum marketing myself and see first hand the results they can generate for you. As you say the key to it is providing value and building relationships. Spend time actually reading the thread and then pick up on points other people have made and expand on them. If you can, try to draw personal experiences into your post. People love reading real life stories and it really helps to boost your credibility.



    • Hey Daniel,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, forum marketing is an excellent way and I know it’s one that you utilize often. There are several case studies by lots of folks who have started massive online businesses in forums…

      Here is a free report for those that want to learn more about forum marketing: Click here to download free forum marketing report

      This report is called “Forum Marketing Made Simple” and is rebrandable and includes a squeeze page so you can give it away to build your list and make backend sales…

  2. I could not agree more. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen someone come to a forum with all guns blazing trying to sell you something on their first post.

    That’s the quickest way to get banned and your post deleted by the moderators.

    Far better to introduce yourself first in the appropriate section and then join in the conversation by adding useful comments or answering other marketers questions.

    Many questions on forums I find are from people who have not bothered to search online for the answer so if you don’t know the answer you can do a search and very often find the answer and post it.

    After a time people will recognise you as being a helpful person and click on your signature link for whatever you are promoting.

    It works if you stick with it long enough.


  3. Hi Coby
    It’s really surprising how many forums have an upgrade with members selling you the upgrade. At least they call it a forum but that’s doubtful.

  4. Hey Coby,

    Awesome post, buddy. It’s alarming just how many people don’t approach things the right way. Many of these people are supposed to be Marketers who are trying to build and promote their businesses, yet all too often they behave more like it’s a schoolyard.

    Apply the golden rule in business, look after your customers and potential customers and you’ll go far. Treat people with disrespect, sarcasm and bullying, well people will soon see through you and treat you in kind.

    I’ve always noticed you doing things the right way, Coby, way to go! 🙂

    Kind regards,

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