Free Mobile Simulator

You can use the mobile simulator below to see what your website looks like on a mobile phone. To use it simply put in the URL and press “go”. Then the site will appear in the phone simulator… Take into account that this is only a simulator and the only way to really see what it looks like is to visit using an actual mobile device…

Be Sure To Include http://

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3 Replies to “Free Mobile Simulator”

  1. Hi Coby

    Would have done this but BuddyHost has disappeared and so have my sites. So on Tuesday I will buy your Sales Funnel Ninja but I will also have to find some new cheap hosting and do my sites all over again. Grrrr!

    That’s life.

    All the best


    • Hey Stella,

      Feel free to Pin away 🙂

      This tool is free for all to use.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you get your sites fixed up soon.


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