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Giving away free viral pdf reports is a great way to build a huge mailing list fast. You’ve probably heard the cliché “the money is in the list.” But there is a good reason why you have heard that so many times… It’s True! Building a mailing list is building a business asset that will grow with your business. As your list grows so will your income. So with this in mind lets talk about two methods of using free reports to build a list.

There are two methods you can use when deciding to build a list by giving away free reports.

The first method is the most common:

1. Offer your report in exchange for an opt-in to your mailing list.

You’ve probably seen this done many times. You simply present the benefits of reading your reports on your squeeze page. If the visitor decides to take you up on the offer they will subscribe to your list in exchange for your report. If done properly there is also a chance to make some money here by presenting a one-time offer to the person that just subscribed to your list. If you make it a genuinely good offer then you will find that a large number of new subscribers will purchase this one time offer. Even if they decide not to purchase your one time offer you will still be benefiting by gaining a new subscriber that you can market to in the future.

The best way to get a ton of opt-ins in to be sure that your report is very high quality and is on a hot topic. You should write a report that solves a common problem. It will also take a high-quality squeeze page as well. These days you can’t risk it with unprofessional looking sites or your conversion rates will be super low.

2. Link back to your opt-in page inside your free report

This is something I’ve done in the past with great success. You simply allow the visitor to download your report for free without subscribing to your list. However, you will include a link to your opt-in page inside the report. You can also place other relative links in the report.

Now, why is this technique so effective? It’s simple really. The reader reads the report and you are building up trust with them as a credible source. Now, after reading your report they are hungry for more so they opt-in to your list. Now, not only do they trust you, but they also view you as an authority on the subject at hand.

Whatever route you decide to go down just remember that building a list is vital to your success online. You must build this asset if you want your business to keep producing income on its own.

After you have the subscribers on your list you can also offer them free reports from time to time. Try not to send to many emails or they will stop reading them or unsubscribe. Treat these subscribers like your friend and build a relationship with them and your business will continue to grow for many years to come.

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