Two Ways To Create A Viral PDF

Looking for a way to drive hordes of traffic to your website for free? A viral pdf can explode your traffic, opt-ins, and sales, creating a viral pdf report can be rather easy once you get the hang of it. Today, I am going to talk about the two main options you have when deciding to create a viral pdf.

But first, let’s talk about how long your viral pdf should be. This is one the most common concerns for those creating their first viral pdf. However, you shouldn’t worry because the length is not as important as you think.

The most important thing is quality. Make sure your viral report contains quality information that will interest people in your niche. Take the extra time to ensure it looks professional and that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. If you do not take the time and just fill your viral pdf with outdated or useless information then your report will have a hard time going viral. People will not pass it along if it is garbage.

Okay, here are your two options when it comes time to create your report.blue_pdf

1. Write the viral pdf report yourself.

Once you learn the basic concepts and techniques it is very easy to write a quality report in just a few hours, or even less. Now, of course this will often depend on how much you have to research the topic. If you pick a topic that you already know about you may be able to churn out a quality report in 30 minutes or less.

But, if you decide to write the report yourself I suggest you first create a rough outline of the information you want to cover in your report. You can start with a list of topics, then add paragraphs to each point to explain it more.
You should also keep in mind that you don’t need to know a great deal about the topic your writing your viral pdf on. You can use the internet as a research tool and become an ‘expert’ on your topic in literally just a few hours.

Remember to write the same way that you talk. Try to avoid using technical jargon. People seem to appreciate writing that gets straight to the point.

2. Outsource your viral pdf.

Your second option is having someone else write your report for you. This is great for those who are worried about not being ‘good’ writer or simply just don’t want to do it. There are several places online where you can find professional writers at reasonable fees.

Which option you decide is up to you. Creating a free viral pdf is a great way to increase your exposure online. If you still need help I have created a 21 page report that details the step-by-step process of creating a free viral pdf. You can learn more and get your free report at:

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