How To Avoid The Spam Filters When Email Marketing

One of the biggest challenges facing email marketers is keeping their messages out of their subscribers’ spam folders. It doesn’t matter how big or how responsive your list is if your emails never reach their intended target. Let’s look at some things you can do to improve the chances of your messages getting through.

The most effective way of getting your emails delivered properly is to have your subscribers white list you. This means that your subscribers add your email address to a list of “approved” senders that they want to receive messages from. Doing this will ensure that your emails aren’t filtered out as spam, even if they contain words or other things that might normally be identified as such.autoresponder magic

The trouble is, getting your subscribers to whitelist you is not as easy as it sounds. Whenever you add another step to the process, you’ll have fewer people who take it. After opting in and confirming their email address, you’ll lose some people before they follow through with the white listing process. The best thing to do is include information about how to do it on your email confirmation page as well as the first email you send them, and leave it at that.

Another important factor in getting your emails through to your subscribers is to use a reliable email service that works hard to ensure that they maintain good relationships with the email services. Companies like Imnica, Aweber and Traffic Wave put a lot of time into this, and they have policies in place that help to ensure their deliverability remains high.

If you run your own auto responder script on your own server, it’s very difficult to keep on top of this and your IP address could quite easily wind up on a blacklist. Which makes your deliverability rate pretty low, of course.

Finally, the content of your email messages is another factor here. Some words like “free” and “make money” can trigger spam filters since they get used in a lot of actual spam. You might be able to avoid this by using strange spellings, such as “m@ke m0ney” but this reads strangely and can hurt your credibility with your subscribers.

The simplest solution is to watch the spam rating that most auto responder services assign to your emails so you can see how likely they are to get flagged. If it’s too high, the chances of it getting caught in a spam filter are much better so you should go back and edit it to correct some of the potential problems.

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