Be The Salmon… (Do Things Differently)

Okay, wondering why an internet marketer is writing a blog post about fish? Well, stick with me – I have a good point…

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Salmon, as you may know, are a very tough and unique fish (not to mention tasty) and they have one thing that really makes them stand out from other fish..

They swim AGAINST the stream!

Yes, these silly fish swim upstream against the current once a year in order to breed and lay eggs and all that fancy science stuff đŸ˜‰

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Okay – you ready? Here comes the part where I tie the fish story into a marketing story that will make you think I’m brilliant  (okay – maybe stretching it on the last bit)…

These fish aren’t afraid to “change the game” and do something “different” in order to survive; their species actually depends on this one trait…

So how does this relate to marketing?

Well sometimes you have to be willing to “swim upstream” (pun intended) in order to achieve better results for yourself…

So what’s something that everyone does but needs to be improved on?

Exit Pops!

You’ve likely seen a dozen of these…

Another one – The videos with self-timed buy buttons (appearing at a certain time)

Third one – audio on your sites

Last one (just to keep this list short) is lightboxes (and controlling them so you don’t bug current subscribers/visitors)…

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Okay – that all sounds great Coby but what does that list help me with?

A new plug-in was released that solves all of the problems listed above plus so many more things (your only limited to your own creativity)…

I bought it and I think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread as it’s very hard to find a plugin that does all of this…

  • -Entry pops
  • -Exit pops (duh)
  • -Play audio
  • -Play video
  • -Show optin forms (and add video/audio)
  • -Use as alternative to “time release” buttons
  • Plus more…

Just check it out – I think you’ll like it just as much as me… Plus it’s a good price!

Check Out WP Pop It Here


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