How I Tripled My Affiliate Sales With One Email

Watch this quick video that will show you a simple “trick” I used to triple my affiliate sales with one email…

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15 Replies to “How I Tripled My Affiliate Sales With One Email”

  1. Hi Coby

    It’s interesting because I remember opening that e’mail because of the subject line, I certainly hadn’t realised just how much of a problem the aweber delivery issues were

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  2. Hi Coby
    I like to see this on the screen as it gets a bit confusing on Aweber. I also see why I get a second email despite the fact I open all your emails. I’m not quick enough being on the other side of the world and my response isn’t quick enough in the day.

    • Hey Liudas,

      There are just a few extra steps to do it at Imnica – but this is how you do it…

      First – click on the “lists” tab at the top…

      Second – choose the list you wish to segment…

      Third – on the left hand side choose “segments”…

      Fourth – click “create segment” at the top

      Fifth – set the rule to “opened” at most “o” times…

      Sixth – choose the campaign (email)

      Seventh – click create segment

      Then you just send as normal – the segment will then show up in your available lists.


  3. Personally speaking I would say that your problem is having exposed your list to the “Warrior Forum”, which is basically throwing your list to the Wolves, I say keep your list to yourself, that way you remain the expert, once having exposed your list to the Warrior Forum what do they need with you after that ?

    The definition of an Expert is if you don’t know the answer then you know where to go and find out, once exposing your list to the Warrior Forum you thus basically convert them all into “Experts”, I say leave them ignorant and remain the Expert yourself !

    • Hey Frank,

      My business was built from the Warrior Forum – so I have to disagree with you there.

      Those that have been on my list for awhile DO see me as the expert – that’s apparent in the comments I get each week on my training webinars. (which I don’t recall seeing you at any of them – so I’ll assume you are new to my list)

      Which I don’t want my followers (more than just a “list” to me) to be “ignorant” – I want them to learn everything they can about this business so they can be as successful as I am (or hopefully even more successful). I think that is one problem with the IM community – people are too selfish and don’t want to educate others – they only want to do for themselves…

      Sorry – but I think – giving my list access to something that can “help them find the answer” is exactly what I SHOULD be doing and it has proven to work very well for me and my business.

      I also don’t promote that many WSO’s – so for the most part – I do “keep my list to myself”. Just ask my JV partners or others who I had to turn down when asked to promote for them.

      But thanks for stopping by – sorry to hear you think exposing a list to the “Warrior Forum” is a bad idea, because it could do a lot for a person’s business and I’d hate someone to read your comment and get the wrong idea.


  4. Bravo,Cody.
    Your “List” should never be just a List. The names on your List are real people trying to learn the IM business and I can say that most of the “gurus” guard information like it is gold, which I suppose to them it is. However, your style of teaching what you know is completely refreshing in this business. Keep up the Great Work!
    Diane Comeau
    Internet Marketer

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