How To Mimic Adfly Using WP Interstitial Ads Plugin

Now, this is cool!


Now, you can put up your own interstitial ads on any blog you own just like Adfly…

Sounds cool Coby, but what good is that? 

Great question 😉

Here’s some of the ideas I got…

  • Show an optin form
  • Sell Advertising to others
  • Sell optins to others (very lucrative)
  • Promote CPA offers
  • Promote CPA “lockers”
  • Promote affiliate products
  • Promote Banners Or Adsense
  • Promote YOUR OWN products

You can also cookie visitors so they don’t get annoyed – you can even set up multiple ads that you can show them on each visit…


Check it out at the link below:

Click Here To Check Out WP Interstitial Ads Plugin


I’m also throwing in a bonus, it’s my WSO Insanely Simple Niche Profits, it will be located on the download page for you 🙂

For me, I will be using this plugin to promote my new coaching site to everyone that visits my blog…

Here is the link again…

Click Here To Check Out WP Interstitial Ads Plugin




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