Imnica Mail and Aweber Autoresponder Training Replay

Watch this live training session replay in which I teach you how to use Imnica mail and Aweber autoresponders so you can start making more money with email marketing and get over some of the basics that plague many of us when we first start building a list…

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10 Replies to “Imnica Mail and Aweber Autoresponder Training Replay”

  1. I find one difference in receiving emails. With Aweber you can hit unsubscribe and find what lists and info about it so you can see if you really don’t know the person or don’t want to stay. With Imnica it tends to just unsubscribe you.
    Then Get Response says it unsubscribes you but you keep getting that unwanted mail.

    • Hey Janny,

      Yes, this is one downside to Imnica – if you click unsubscribe you are unsubscribed instantly…

      However, if you are on more than one list – you might not be completely unsubscribed, meaning you might have to do it again (which makes some people mad)…

      I like Aweber’s setup in that regard better because they can see what lists they are on – you can do this with Imnica also by adding a “login to subscriber area” which will let the person see all of the lists they are on (at imnica) and choose which to unsubscribe from…

      The problem is – most people don’t include the second link (as it’s not required) – I try to always include it – but even I forget sometimes…

      With GetResponse – I’ve noticed I seem to get a couple more emails before being unsubscribed completely – several times I have tried to unsubscribe from a GetResponse list only to have it say “already unsubscribed”… lol


  2. Hi Coby

    I was waiting for you to demonstrate how
    to use images in imnica

    you said you were going to cover that can
    you still do that for us perhaps a quick video
    of how to put images in using imnica

    Thanks Coby

  3. Your video, here, is my first encounter with you, Coby. Will tell you, this is the best thing available on the net to demonstrate and compare Imnica & AW. Thanks a bunch.

    I used Constant Contact for awhile and left very unsatisfied. Had a lot of trouble with customer support. I’m now with a company called GVO because they had an “everything under one roof” concept that sounded really good. I do NOT recommend this company on any level. Am looking for the escape hatch!

    From your presentation, I was getting warm & fuzzy feelings for Imnica till you explained the inability to have open-ended Auto Responders (ie., adding more responder messages won’t work for previously subscribed names). Constant Contact did the same thing, and I hated it. Yes, you can move people around, but who wants to do that? The open-ended autoresponder feature (as in AWeber [and also GVO]) is a very powerful and versatile ability to have. E.g., I have a “40 Lesson” thing I’m developing, but I am developing the lessons as I go. Even if I miss a couple of weeks, nobody is left out, and I can always expand the message base of the Auto Responder message series. Anyway, very disappointed to hear that the autoresponders are “closed.”

    Great presentation. Very honest & helpful. Came across “real,” not “salesy” even though I know you are an affiliate of both AW and Imnica. Thanks a bunch.


    • Hey Gary,

      Welcome to the blog!

      I try to do my best to explain the pros/cons of both Aweber adn Imnica.

      Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


  4. Hi Coby

    I was watching your presentation on imnica and you was suppose to demonstrate how to use images in imnica,. Can you do a quick video or tell us what the HTML coding is?


    • Hey Pat,

      Here is the coding, add this to your web form…

      // input alt=”Submit” src=”IMAGE URL GOES HERE” id=”FormButton_Subscribe” name=”FormButton_Subscribe” border=”0″ height=”117″ type=”image” width=”450″ //

      Replace the beginning back slash (//) with a less than sign and the ending back slash with a greater than sign.

      I had to edit it this way so it would show up in this comment.


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