Here’s An Easy Way To Increase Opt-In Conversions By 13% Or More

When it comes to building a list you need your squeeze pages to convert as high as possible. When you have a high converting squeeze page you will get more people on your mailing list and thus make more money in the long run. However, a lot of internet marketers are in the dark when it comes to trying to increase the conversion rate of their squeeze pages. Many are content with only 30% conversions when they could be getting double that if they took the time to test, tweak and implement.


In today’s blog post I’m going to tell you a simple way to increase your opt-ins by as much as 13% or maybe even more by only doing one simple thing, and then I will tell you why it works… Sound like a plan?


Here it is, my simple conversion increasing technique…

I don’t ask for their first name! I only ask for the email address…


You got it! I rarely ask for a first name on my squeeze pages. I have found that by just asking for the email address I am able to get more conversions and thus my list grows faster…


Why does this work? It’s simple really… People don’t want to give out their information!


Think about it… If you are stopped at the mall to do a survey you are more likely to participate if you only had to provide one piece of information like say your email address.


But if they wanted to know your phone number and then your address and the name of three friends you might start to wonder… “Why are they asking for all of this?”


Now, I know that’s an extreme example but you see where I am going with it, I’m sure.


People feel less pressured when they are only required to enter their email address. I’ve also been told (by students) that they feel like they will also not be as “pressured” by the marketer to buy products from them, or in other words, they feel like the marketer will not bombard them with promo emails.


So be sure to take advantage of this odd human quirk and remove the “Name” box from your opt-in form and you’re sure to see your opt-in rates improve.


Okay, so that’s out of the way. The first thing people always tend to say when I share this technique with them is “But how will I be able to personalize the emails?”…


To this I always have two replies:

1. You can capture their name when they become buyers
2. Personalizing emails doesn’t make that much of a difference


The first answer is pretty self-explanatory, you can ask for their first name when they opt-in to a buyer’s list (IE after purchasing a product you have them “register for updates”).


The second reply will often take a little more explanation to make clear and still some people will disagree (which is okay). From my own experience, adding the name to an email really has no effect on the overall amount of sales, clicks, or even opens…


Just think about it for a minute…


Have you ever decided to buy something simply because the sender of the email said “Hey Joe” instead of just “Hey” when they sent you that promo email? Highly unlikely….


Also, for the reasons stated above about why people don’t like giving out their name they will also give you a FAKE name. So you may actually be saying “Hey Mickey Mouse” or “Hey Crappy Crapperson” and I don’t think that will have the effect you were hoping for, in fact it might turn them off altogether.


It’s for this simple reason that any edge you gain by personalizing emails is quickly lost (often forever) due to “fake” names.


So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to increase your opt-in conversion rates and get a lot more people on your email list you should start implementing this simple technique today!


If you are already implementing this or just want to learn more visit the links below now…


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10 Replies to “Here’s An Easy Way To Increase Opt-In Conversions By 13% Or More”

    • Hey Kelvin,

      It is nothing short of amazing at how much of a difference it made in my own business as well! I think someone could right a good selling e-book on just this topic alone. More opt-ins to your mailing list means you make more money 😛

  1. I love that the opt-in at the end of the post still has a name field! 😛

    This is so true. I recently dropped the name field on one of my health lead capture pages and saw a huge increase in subscribers. It’s not only that people don’t want to share there information, it’s that people are lazy on the web and want to get things done as quickly as possible, if they feel it’s taking even a little too long it’s not hard for them to click elsewhere to get what they want.

    Great post, thanks!

    • Hey William,

      Yeah, unfortunately the plug-in I use doesn’t give me the option to turn off the “name” section :p

      Also, I’m testing a new autoresponder right now and they require the name field, lol…

      Either way I never use the name field in my broadcast emails just to take care of the fake names…


  2. Hey Coby,

    Thanks for the awesome post! I actually have two separate lists, one that asks for only email, and another for name email and phone number. I need the name for when I call my leads. I am in the IM and network marketing industry, so I have two separate lists.

    The optin conversions on the email only form are about 10 times more per day, but the sales conversion on my other list is about 10 times more per day. So, it definitely depends on the industry for sure.

    In network marketing, the phone number is imperative, but in IM, it doesn’t make as much sense unless you are offering coaching or something. Just my opinion.

    Thanks again!
    -Gabriel Johansson

    P.S. 5iphon Hardcore rocks! I am already getting passive subscribers since giving you 5 haha

    • Hey Gabriel,

      Yes, Siphon is awesome!

      I also agree with the industry. I tried MLM some years ago and without a phone number it would make it very tough to follow up with leads. In fact years back, that was the exact way that I got into MLM was I entered my name and phone number into a web form and got a call a few days later.

      In the IM niche you will have a hard to collecting emails when asking for a phone number simply because people are less likely to give it out and like you said it’s really not needed.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Yo coby good advice,

    By the way. U sound exactly like this guy i used to play Call of Duty with back in the day.
    just in case i went by the name le$tat. Lol, also im trying to brand myself and build a list
    by buying solo ads but i don’t know what the heck to use for a free product followed with an OTO. In the IM niche like urself.

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