List Building With Solo Ads And Ad Swaps: Internet Marketing With Coby

In this internet marketing coaching session I (Coby Wright) (sidenote: it’s kinda weird to type in the third person, lol), talk about using solo ads and ad swaps to build your list. List building is a vital factor in making money online but is very easy to do the wrong way.

In this list building training session I talk about how to use these techniques to build your list but more importantly how to make money while building your list. Because my favorite type of list building funnel is the one I can put in $1 and pull out $1.50 (breaking even is good too since you are still gaining subscribers)…

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4 Replies to “List Building With Solo Ads And Ad Swaps: Internet Marketing With Coby”

  1. Hey Coby,

    A great webinar especially over the solo ads. I’ve already done one solo ad but will we doing another in the next couple of days. I will try one of the solo ad sellers you have recommended.

    Due to other activities, I missed your webinar and just finished watching the replay. I hope that I can make to your next webinar.

    Thanks for the great value you provide during your webinars

    See you soon,

    Frank Claassen

  2. Love it Coby, I see you using terminology from Simple Video Formula. 🙂

    I feel special lol but yes that does work I would know because I’ve done it so I know for a fact it works.

    I wonder if anyone else is doing that now? Probably

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