Presidential List Building Tips To Build A Bigger List

Wow! Talk about taking your list building to the next level by leveraging your current assets! I made you a quick video that will help you understand why list building is so important… I’m going to show you how the President is building his list at and why you should be doing the same thing…

Just Click Play On The Video Below To Learn More

Start Building Your List Like The President Here


2 Replies to “Presidential List Building Tips To Build A Bigger List”

  1. Hey Coby,

    Thanks for the video.

    Yep, list building is the key to having a successful IM business. Like you said, if it’s good for the President I guess it’s good for us 🙂

    • You Bet!

      He’s a smart guy 😀

      Not only is he building a list but he also split tests the squeeze pages visitors see when they arrive (much like Justin’s plugin)…

      As Obama would say “It’s time for change” 😀


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