Here’s A Few Reasons To Build A List

It can appear like everywhere you turn individuals are telling you to put together a mailing  list. There is a delightful reason for this nonetheless. Building a list gives you the opportunity to make extensive amounts of money at any particular point in time by just sending an email…

Here are four other reasons to build up a mailing list:

1. You can market to the same individuals over and over yet again

The single leading cost in your online business will be acquiring a new customer. Create a list Though and you can start selling to the same


individuals over and over again. You pay to acquire a prospect once and then you can be selling to them for several years to come. Isn’t that a lot easier, not to mention more profitable, than going to the trouble and cost of acquiring a prospect just for one sale?

 2. Pre-existing relationships make individuals buy

It’s a reality – individuals are far more likely to buy from someone they have bought from before. When you have started building your email list and gotten subscribers on board you will with any luck start to build up a strong relationship with them. How do you do this? Be sure you give your subscribers VALUE and sell them quality products on a standard basis.

 3. It’s the secret of an autopilot revenue

People who have taken the time and trouble to create a mailing list then grow to be a part of the uppermost 1% of the population – they have the skill to make riches on total autopilot; even while they slumber. You have possibly thought about that being a pipe dream, yet it is the reality for anybody who has a decent email list.

4. An email list is an asset

If you’ve built a list you have a very, very worthwhile asset. You can charge other individuals huge amounts of cash to send a solo ad to your email list, and if you glance around at a few of the better internet marketers you’ll see them doing it. Why not offer a solo ad mailing as a bonus if individuals buy one of your high-priced products? If your email list is of a adequate size that gives individuals one HECK of a reason to purchase something from you.

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4 Replies to “Here’s A Few Reasons To Build A List”

  1. Yup… if I was to go back in time list building is the one thing I’d have done a lot sooner. I was too scared to invest in an autoresponder to start with (not a great mindset).

    What’s nice from a motivation stand point is that you see results faster than if you were just selling a product through a review site (ie. you can get more subscribers than you can get sales) which pushes you to achieve more.

    The money is in the follow-up.

    • Hey Allen,

      Your very right… It can be very scary when you start out and you think “I gotta pay every month for this?” but these days a lot of good autoresponder companies are offering free versions of their service so you can test the waters with out as much fear…

      Imnica is free up to 1,000 subscribers check it out at

  2. There is truly money in the list. If you take the time to develop a relationship prior to selling you can have a responsive list. I know people with small lists that get great results because they developed that relationship first. I think a good rule is to send content over 21 days then move that person to your main list. If they don’t remove themselves in 21 days, they are likely to stay with you.

    • Hey Andy,

      I totally agree 🙂

      If they stick with you for 21 days (and are reading your emails) then they must like you 🙂

      I’ve had some people that have been on my list since the beginning 🙂


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