Is Segmenting Your Email List Important?

email_searchSegmenting your email list sounds like it’s a complicated process but it really isn’t that difficult. All it means is that you’re splitting your lists up into targeted groups, which gives you more control over what you market and to whom. Let’s look at a few things to consider when segmenting your list.

First you’ll need to decide how you’re going to segment your subscribers. The easiest method is to create a new list for every site or product you create, or at least for every new topic you pick. If you were building a list in the internet marketing world, for example, you might create separate lists for traffic generation, content creation and social bookmarking.

The reason this works so well is because you can send a promotion to the specific list that would be most interested in the topic. Going back to our example, if you were promoting some kind of traffic generation product, you could send it to your traffic list only.

The biggest drawback to creating new lists for each new segment is having to track it all. The more lists you have, the harder it gets. This is especially true if you create a new list for every website or product, but even splitting it up by topic can get unwieldy after a while.

Creating separate lists for each segment can also make it harder to email your entire list, since you have to send the message to every list you create. And if you have people who have subscribed to multiple lists, you’ll need to ensure they don’t get the same email a bunch of times.

Another option is to use a service that lets you segment your list from within the database. Some people on the list might be tagged with “traffic” while others with “content” but they’re all ultimately on the same larger list. The advantage of this is that you can easily email your entire list at once, or choose more targeted segments.

Many email providers that offer this kind of list segmentation also make it easier to transfer people from one segment to another or add them to a new one.

This can be helpful when you have both prospects and buyers on the list. When someone become a customer, they can easily be moved from one segment to another without any kind of subscription process.

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3 Replies to “Is Segmenting Your Email List Important?”

  1. Hi Coby,

    I really enjoy your throughts in this article I do believe that it takes time to developed that style emails towards your list at times it seems difficult.

    It does take some hard work in the begging, tracking your list and keeping updated also takes time.

    So Coby thanks again and have a nice day.


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