Should I Become A Churn & Burn Marketer?

This is common dilemma we all face as internet marketers. We have to decide if we want to make money online by becoming a churn and burn marketer or if we want to take a more long term approach. I made you a video to help 🙂

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2 Replies to “Should I Become A Churn & Burn Marketer?”

  1. A 10k list normally only delivers about 359 clicks 😯 That alone is some very disappointing news and does that even factor in using things like WP AutoMail (which by the way I need to see you do a video demo on,hint,hint)?

    Also, are you holding any JV Giveaways anytime soon?

    • Hey Caleb,

      I need to get on that WP AutoMail video – I agree!

      As fore holding JV Giveaways. I had to re-think my strategy there since they made some major updates to the script and kinda put a halt to the business model I was following for that. (Not to mention I also lost a $1000 a month income)…

      But, yes eventually I will have more JV Giveaways. I’ve been itching to do some more. So be on the lookout for one soon.


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