Single Opt-in vs Double Opt-in Video

In this video I talk about the difference betweenย  using single optin and double optin and a few ways to increase conversions when using either method while building your list…


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  1. Giving an email address for information or not, depends strongly on the attractivity
    of the offer. If the offer is irresistible most visitors will sign up, regardless being single or double optin. Double optin will certainly give more trust on a short time scale and will rule out spelling mistakes in email addresses.

    Personally I could imaging to be forced to apply double optin by law in order to give visitors some protection against scammer. More protection could be given by the market places who deliver space to sell products. I would suggest that those institutions would ask for the proof of the pudding before giving the product free for selling. At least the disclaimer should be read carefully. Where ar we going with these business if information products are offered under a disclaimer assuring good entertainment?

    • Hey Gabriel,

      Yes, of course if the offer isn’t attractive they will never opt-in no matter if it’s double or single opt-in. You are also correct, some places now require mailing list to be double opt-in by law.


  2. I prefer double opt in not only it ensures that people who signed up uses their real email but also you will know that people who went through a double opt in are really interested about your content.

  3. Nice video Colby. Right now I’m trying the “name” feature. I’ve not had it to build up to 6k list, but it’s so hard not to want to address my readers and so I end up with, “Hi Everyone”. My new subs will be adding in their name for me.

    I think I may move to double optin for my buyers and require that perhaps once I’m at 10k list. Typically though I don’t get enough complaints for spam to worry over it. Aweber tech told me I’m well below average so … I think I’ll continue for a while without double optin.


    • Hey Chrisi,

      Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

      The important thing it to do what is best for YOUR business and it sounds like you got it figured out ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Whilst I as a customer definately prefer the SINGLE opt in delivery, I am well aware that it does little for a merchant’s list building efforts nor the conventional Sales Funnel process.

    A major Problem I have found with Double opt in delivery however, is that although the message says ” You WILL – get INSTANT delivery, ” such is seldom the case, even when one watches their crowded inbox closely, to avoid confusion with existing content. I am often led to speculate that this is primarily due to the poor performance of the Autoresponder handling the delivery, rather than failure on the merchant’s part to organise a smooth transition ?

    Another major problem is that many merchants FAIL to put THEIR name on the delivery or Confirmatiom data and as we all know, dozens of sales proposals FALSELY claim to contain a confirmation or download delivery link, just to encourage recipients to open them, (even though it IS against the rules and CAN get the merchant banned ) there seems to be little concern about that possibility.

    As I get up to 3000 emailed sales proposal each day and can reasonably open ONLY so many – most, only because I DO recognise the senders as genuinely helpful marketers, who do NOT attempt to spam my inbox regularly, NOR push sales at me in EVERY single email. It is very often just IMPOSSIBLE to find the anticipated download link, if one IS busy with other stuff during the waiting period prior to arrival of the confirmation and download. Consequently — you just LOSE the opportunity to download the product, and I must admit that in SOME instances, I am absolutely certain that due to poor Autoresponder setup or performance, the product was NEVER sent in the first place, – giving THAT particular merchant – a bad rap, sometimes totally unwarranted, but that is unfortunately part of the suspicious nature of the average human being.


    • I totally agree Peter!

      I think some good things to take away from what you are saying is…

      1.) Always use your name/company name when sending emails. When your emails are easy to recognize you will get more opens/clicks over the long term – in my opinion. Of course if they never see the ‘confirmation’ link because you sent it from a different name then will never get a chance to see your emails.

      2.) Slow sending – this one is hard to avoid – even with technology these days. But we can do our best to find the best solution and if you know you are using a service that is slow to send confirmation emails sometimes then take that into consideration when deciding rather to use single or double opt-in.

      Thanks for the comments Peter.


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