Your Squeeze Page Must Convert! Here’s How…

If you’re trying to build your email list then there is one page out of every one of your pages that is more significant than any other – your squeeze page.


The mission of your squeeze page is to convert your traffic into opt-ins. There are countless variable factors that determine how effectively your squeeze page will convert, but if possible you should try to attain a level of 50% or more. In other words, out of every 100 folks who see your squeeze page you need to be adding 50 or more of them to your opt-in list…


Here is how to do it. Here is how to create a squeeze page that converts effectively:


1. Offer something of value


Sounds pretty obvious, however you would be amazed to find out how lots of internet marketers try to persuade folks to subscribe to their list by offering a junky outdated ebook that thousands of other folks are also giving away. This purely doesn’t work now. You need to be offering something that is extremely attractive to your target market. What will your customers be ready to trade their email address for? Find that out and you will be effectively on your way. This is in actuality possibly the most crucial thing.


creating squeeze pages
Example Of One Of My Squeeze Pages


2. Use graphics to ‘sell’ your product


If your squeeze page looks professional and valuable then this will help your conversions a whole lot. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using some professional, sharp looking graphics. Look at the best-selling products in your niche and notice what they look like. Spend money on getting first-rate quality graphics prepared, and make sure that they are unique to you.


3. Make it appear exciting.


People need to feel like they are opting-in to get hold of something helpful, something elite, something exciting. Offer a freebie with a good quality attractive title. Make it a complete system, not just something boring such as ’10 leading tips for….’


4. Modify the text on your submit button.


If you’re using Aweber (or indeed almost any autoresponder) the default text on your subscribe form button will be ‘Submit.’ Try changing this to something out of the ordinary such as ‘Free Access’ or ‘Download Now’ to increase your conversions. Believe me, this helps massively. You want to make the process of opting-in seem as painless as possible. By putting something like the above it makes them feel as though they are getting instantaneous access to your freebie, which of course they are.
If you’re giving away a decent quality product, you make it look professional and appear exciting – you will get the opt-ins. That’s how to build a squeeze page that converts.


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