Video – How To Edit & Upload Squeeze Pages – List Building Tips

Here’s some tips on editing and uploading a squeeze page…

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20 Replies to “Video – How To Edit & Upload Squeeze Pages – List Building Tips”

  1. Thanks a lot. I’m a newbie at this so your video really helpt me to understand how to upload the squeeze page to my website. Does the squeeze always have to renamed to index.html or could you use another name?



    • Hey Frank,

      You can name it anything you want. The only time you will need to call it “index.html” is if you are going to be uploading it to a directory or as the main page on a domain.


    • Hey Wendell,

      You can utilize the full-screen option by click on the lower right hand corner or double clicking on the video itself…

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  2. This is great info in avoiding errors in making an effective squeeze page that converts well. I did some tweaks on my page as well. Thank you for this great info Coby.

  3. Thank you for this post it made me fix mistakes in making my squeeze pages and it gave me new ideas on how I could properly capture leads. More power to you Coby.

    • Hey Wilfredo,

      I usually charge about $250 an hour. So it might not be economical for me to install a squeeze page for you…

      However, I do have an alternative. Go check out and you’ll be able to find folks who will be glad to do that for you and only charge you $5.


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