An Easy To Avoid Mistake That Cost Me $850!

I’m going to tell you about a recent mistake that could have easily been avoided. It ended up costing me $850 plus any sales I might have earned during the down time…

If you have been around Internet Marketing for awhile, this might have even happened to you a time or two…

A domain of mine was “sniped” – meaning it expired and someone bought it with intentions of re-selling it. This is a common practice and can be a business model on it’s own. I’m neither condoning or endorsing that business model, and this could be a separate discussion in itself.

Which domain am I referring to exactly?

Since this domain has earned me a significant amount of gross sales during it’s life time it was important to me to try to get it back…

This dilemma was brought to my attention when a customer emailed me saying the site was down… Then began my journey…

I started by visiting the site and it had a ‘this domain is for sale’ link on it. I clicked the link and expressed my interest in the site – at the time the minimum bid was $199, as the domain was listed with a domain auction site that I had used before…

Domain For Sale

A month or so goes by and I haven’t heard much news about the domain. So I decide to go to my favorite domain registrar Name Cheap and check the availability again…

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it), the domain was listed with Name Cheap as a “premium” domain with a Price Tag of $848. This was non-negotiable too, by the way, there was no “make an offer” link. It was a “take it or leave it” type of deal…

Now, that’s a lot of money for something that was originally purchased for less than $10. So I didn’t instantly buy it. I added it to my cart and thought it over…

I went to look at my records, this site, Easy Sales Funnels, is set up as a fixed term membership. Meaning people join and pay for 12 months and then are members for life. As opposed to being required to pay indefinitely to stay a member. It turned out that the site had earned me around $3,800 in gross sales, not including any indirect affiliate sales I might have made.

$3,888 in Sales

So, as a business man, I knew that the domain was worth purchasing (again) as I could easily earn that money back and even more with future sales.

Now you might be wondering – Coby, why didn’t you just take all your files and get a different domain?

I could have done that – however, most of the materials related to the site are branded to that domain. The site was already established and gets traffic organically even without me opening up an affiliate program yet.

Now, how could this have been avoided?

By simply clicking the “auto renew” button at Name Cheap!

Auto-Renew Your Domains

All registrars should have a “auto-renew” option. Make sure the domains you don’t want to lose are marked correctly today!

I also had to pay $69 to get another domain back that I used for link redirects ( So make sure you learn from my mistakes! Don’t lose those important domains!

If you are worried about having a domain set to “auto-renew” that you don’t want to pay for again or that you lose interest in – don’t worry! Most domain registrars will email you ahead of time to let you know that a domain will be auto renewing. If it’s a domain you don’t want anymore then you can simply change the settings to let it expire. However, I urge you to try to sell it, even if for only a small amount, so at least you can recover some of your investment.

I’m here to help you learn from my experience. I made the mistake, now you don’t have too. If you want to learn more from my experience check out my coaching membership at

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