Product Creation Live Training Session Replay

At the end of the training there is a special offer presented. To take advantage of the video course offer click here. To take advantage of the PLR bundle with included training course click here.

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14 Replies to “Product Creation Live Training Session Replay”

    • Hey Elizabeth,

      I sent you an email regarding this. I explain in the replay that the training course is a much more elaborate version of the training session. The PLR Surgeon Training course is 15 videos – which are much more than an hour of content – plus the PDF covers things not mentioned in the training or in the PLR Surgeon videos…

      I look forward to your email and as always thanks for your support, you know I appreciate you as a customer.


    • Hey John,

      Thank you very much! You are adding one key ingredient though…

      Action! This is why it is working for you! Keep taking action and I’ll keep bringing the workable information 🙂

      Thanks for your support!


  1. Thank you very much, you gave me some valuable information on PLR products, and the different options that we have! I’m still new to all of this!

    I look forward to your future emails and as always thanks for your support!

    – Randy –

  2. Hey Coby, great stuff. I’m thinking about getting your autoresponder magic course. I have one question? how the heck did you use youtube for
    an hour long video? I always have to limit them to 15min.
    Thanks, Jace

    • Hey Jace,

      If you publish enough videos eventually they will lift the 15 minute limit. Then after more videos they will offer you the chance to become a partner and participate in revenue sharing…

      So just make sure you are publishing quality and related content (make sure not to use unrelated tags) and your limit will be lifted soon 😛


  3. Hi Coby,

    Great webinar, I learnt so much, and am currently looking through my PLR archives on my hard drive, and looking to rewrite, record video and audio to launch as a paid product.

    My only challenge from here is a great bonus that will relate to what I will release, but I am sure I can sort something out there lol.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    Paul Power.

    • Hey Paul,


      Bonuses are easier than you think… Just find some more MRR or PLR products to add as a bonus…

      You can also contact others and see if they would offer their paid product as a bonus in return for an opt-in. Nearly all folks (smart ones anyways) will take you up on that offer…


  4. Hey Coby,

    Excellent training session … I watched it over the weekend and immediately started working on a project so I could start “giving it away” to start building a list. I completely forgot to come here and post a “thank you” … but thanks bro. I just need to add a few “resource products” and then put a download page together … which I’ll be referencing your “how to make a download page” tutorial for. Geez, you’re like a one stop shop!! Thanks again for all your help.

  5. Hey Coby, Learned alot here and also picked up your “auto responder magic”
    coarse. I am also a “War Room Member” now and can’t wait to try that WSO trick to start building my list fast.

    Thanks again, Jace

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