What Is Blog Flipping? Can I Make Money Doing It?

If you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for awhile then you have likely heard the term ‘blog flipping.’

So what is blog flipping?

In a nutshell blog flipping is the process of creating a blog and then selling it to a new owner for profit.

In  the recent years blog flipping has become a very popular way of making money online and many people have been able to quit their jobs and earn a full-time living online just from flipping blogs.


Whether you’re looking for quick cash or want a more long-term income source – blog flipping may provide the answer. It is possible to create a brand new blog and then sell it right away for a quick profit. Another way is to create a blog and then spend several weeks, months or even years developing it and driving traffic to it, before finally flipping it. Doing this of course is more profitable and has helped established blogs to sell for several thousand dollars each. The drawback however is that it takes much more time and effort.

Most blogs are created using a blogging platform such as WordPress. The blog is then developed and the content uploaded, plugins added, etc. Once the blog has sold it is completely transferred to the new owner and the original creator no longer has anything to do with the blog.

So we’ve answered the question ‘what is blog flipping?’ but what about “how can I make money from it?’

In truth blog flipping is like most things. If you know what you are doing it is possible to build up a highly successful business from scratch and be making lots of money very quickly. If however you go at it without really knowing what you’re doing then you are going to be more likely to struggle.

If you want to get started flipping blogs then a good place to head over to is Flippa.com. This is one of the main websites where people buy and sell blogs and it’s a great place to learn and do research. You can learn a great deal by looking at blogs and websites on there that are already for sale or have recently sold. What do they look like? What sort of subjects do they cover? What type of content do they contain? Take a look at the completed auctions and seek out blogs that have sold well. Ask yourself, what was it about them that made them sell?

So is this something you should ‘get into’?

In short there is absolutely no reason why you can’t become a successful blog flipper – but it does require some effort. If you are prepared for that then this could be an excellent way for you to make money online…

For a more indepth approach to blog flipping check out Blog Flipping Ninja now at www.cobywright.com/blog-flipping-ninja

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