How To View A Mobile Website On Your PC

Hey there!

I come across this video and I thought I’d share it with you. This isn’t me (although the accent is similar) but it’s still a helpful video if you have ever wanted to know how to view a mobile website on your PC.

I don’t know much about mobile marketing – that’s why I thought it would be best to share this video then try to make my own… I hope you appreciate my hard work and honesty…

Now enjoy the video below – it’s only 2 minutes long…

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12 Replies to “How To View A Mobile Website On Your PC”

  1. You can also use online emulators like this one “” which while they do not have the ability to ‘brute force’ the site into a mobile mode really do a good job of representing how a site appears to mobile users. Of course, if the site is not mobile ready, it’s going to display incorrectly.

  2. Hey Coby, Great post as always. Thought I’d share the site I use for checking my sites on mobile … not sure if it’s better, as good or worse, but I’m more comfortable with it because I’m used to using it & it does offer a lot of options as far as models of mobile phones. You and your readers can check it out at:

    Thanks Coby,


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