Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Products!

pic of thiefIt happens everyday! Products are downloaded without being paid for – and product creators and affiliates are the ones getting robbed…

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I get asked a lot – “Coby, how do I keep people from stealing my products?”

Often, the answer consists of a very techy answer (which I’m not good at) or that they will need to purchase an expensive script or hire someone to build one…

Then I ran across this ~> Download Sentry

This little baby will secure all of your sales funnels, download pages, affiliate bonus pages, etc…

The best part is – it’s fairly easy to install and if you are a tech idiot, like me, don’t worry as the creator (Richard Wing) has great support and is a tech genius…

So – put a stop to the thieves and pick up Download Sentry today…

Click Here To Get Download Sentry

The one downside to this product is that it doesn’t currently work on WordPress blogs.

2 Replies to “Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Products!”

    • Hey Jon,

      That would work for the affiliate side of things – but you also have to be cautious when using third party services like or because they control your link and can cut it off or change it at anytime. It’s always best to have your own link shortener on your own domain when possible.


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