The State Of The Internet In 2012 Training Replay

Check out this amazing training session I had with my good friend WD Mino who is a full time internet marketer. Watch as he reveals some shocking statistics to making money online and the rising popularity of mobile devices…

Get WD’s Mobi Power Suite Here

5 Replies to “The State Of The Internet In 2012 Training Replay”

  1. WOW. Great information! I just didn’t realize the need for Mobile adaptability!

    I am going to be looking into making all my sites past, present and future, mobile friendly right now!

    Thanks Coby and WD for opening my eyes.


  2. Thanks for a great presentation Coby, I really enjoyed that.

    Looks like a solid product and really well designed.

    Thanks for posting the replay too! I’m based in the UK, so was in bed zzzzz when you did this webinar 😉

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