How Can You Start Commenting on Blogs to Increase Traffic To Your Sites?

Any site must have traffic pouring to it, rather it’s a blog, squeeze page, or a sales page. In this article we will discuss a proven traffic generation system, and best of all it is entirely at no cost. What am I referring to? Blog commenting to drive traffic.

If you have ever been to a blog on the web (what person hasn’t these days?) then you’ll probably be knowledgeable about what this is – the comments that individuals publish under the chief, original blog post. If you click on the person’s name you are taken to the commentators site. This is the reason a lot of individuals post comments on blogs – to get individuals to visit their site and ‘borrow’ some of the traffic that the post is getting.

Therefore how do you truly go about utilizing blog commenting to drive traffic? Let me warn you promptly that several individuals get it vastly incorrect.

Here’s how to do it, step by step:

Initiate by locating the popular blogs in your niche. You most likely by now know what these are! Ideally you need blogs which pick up oodles of visitors and which are ‘active.’ These exist in nearly any niche.

Locate posts on the blogs which you are able to present an intellectual reaction to and therefore add to the dialogue. This is the most significant thing – using blog commenting to drive traffic is a great technique to utilize, yet several individuals use it in the incorrect way by just leaving one-liners such as ‘magnificent post.’ This a.) doesn’t do your reputation any favors (and for that reason individuals are unlikely to check out your site) and b.) it’s likely to be taken as spam.

As a result of using blog commenting to engage in the original post, you’ll come across as an exciting person, and more significantly as someone who has a valued attitude on the subject. This makes individuals see you as an .

Participate in the debate. Question the original post, or put in a little extra information, and subsequently benefit from the traffic that blog commenting can create.

Additional tips? Look for the well-liked topics and next add to them. One more beneficial line of attack is to look for fresh posts and be the initial person to comment. You will be able to pick up traffic for years to come from this technique, and it’s so easy to do. Start finding blogs and start commenting on them right now!

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2 Replies to “How Can You Start Commenting on Blogs to Increase Traffic To Your Sites?”

  1. Hi Coby

    Lots of valuable information in this post, interacting with others in your niche is important and something we perhaps don’t do enough of

    I would perhaps add that the earlier you respond the more other people will scroll past and read your post prior to commenting so are more likely to come back to your blog as well

    Thanks for sharing


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