Internet Marketing Is Slow… Don’t Give Up!

Hey folks,

When it comes to internet marketing many folks are lured in by the chance to make “quick cash”. While there are many ways you can quickly and easily make money online, if you want to build a real business it WILL take time! A real business – online or offline – needs time and commitment to grow into the cash generating machine we dream of…

It took me 5 years of messing around here and there before I REALLY got serious about building a real business from internet marketing. After I got serious it still took 6 months of HARD work before I started seeing some results worth talking about…

Even now I will have days where I have little or no sales and get discouraged but then I get an email from a subscriber thanking me for a technique I shared and I remember why I LOVE this business…

I get to HELP others 🙂

So – I always tell others don’t get discouraged and don’t give up! You really can make money online even if others aren’t supporting you. If you buckle down and make a plan AND stick to that plan for at least six months you almost can’t fail…

In fact – the students I have coached that did just that were able to start making money online and it’s not rocket science…

Step 1 – STOP buying products!

I know it’s hard to pass up that new “shiny” mobile marketing or facebook app course that YOU HAVE TOO HAVE!

Guess What! You won’t miss the mobile marketing bus! If you aren’t already do something in that field then DON’T START!

I can remember 5 years ago people talking about missing the VIDEO marketing bus…

Guess what! People STILL talk about YouTube like it’s the next big thing and it’s still got lots of untapped traffic…

So, what’s my point of this little rant?

If the product doesn’t deal with your current niche then DON’T BUY it! Start making purchases for things that will help you in the current area of internet marketing that you are in. For example, if you are a list builder (like me) you might buy a new plug-in that integrates with Facebook or puts optin forms all over your blog… BUT you shouldn’t purchase a new product about flipping websites! Not until you are making a consistent income from your list (or whatever area you are working in) should you look for other ways to make money online…

Okay – so how do I start?

Well, no matter what niche you decide to go into. There is always one thing you will need if you want to make money…

You will need Traffic!

This is the most important skill to develop in Internet marketing (in my opinion) because it applies to ALL concepts of internet marketing…

This was also the thing that allowed me to start seeing success! Not a crappy push button software but actually getting in the “trenches” everyday and working my butt off! What was I doing? Everything I could to generate traffic!

It’s paid off too! Now this very blog gets 10,000 visits a month and is a Page Rank 2 in only 14 months in Google! And my Alexa rank is top 80K…

Now – to make it easier on you! I put together a complete video course that details all the steps I took every single day to get all that traffic and some of the techniques are “basic” but that’s what works! Don’t re-invent the wheel!

Use my traffic generation course now by visiting


9 Replies to “Internet Marketing Is Slow… Don’t Give Up!”

  1. Hi Coby,

    Fantastic post here. You hit the nail right on the head this time. Building a real online business takes time, and a lot of people, especially in today’s economic climate, seem to be looking for the quick fix sadly.

    As you say there are a lot of ways to earn quick cash, but to build your business online, as offline, you have to be prepared to take action every day to ensure that your business grows, and then you also have to be prepeared to invest in yourself, such as learning about SEO, article writing, etc.

    So, as long as you are persistent, and never lose sight of what you want to achieve, I believe you will make it online.


    Paul Power.

  2. Hi Coby,

    Great post but uhh did you not tell us to stop buying shiny new bright objects 🙂 then you sent us to a place with a shiny bright object. Sorry I’m confused now.


    • Hey Rudy,

      Yes, YOU MUST stop buying stuff you don’t need! I will not recommend the “shiny new objects” unless I have confidence that they work.

      For example, every business needs online needs traffic…

      If you were to go to Clickbank you would find several traffic systems that claim to be “push button”…

      Traffic only comes one way and that’s with lots of hard work!

      So, yes I did make a recommendation to help point you folks in the right direction, for those who have no clue where to start or what to do first.

      When making purchases you have to treat this like a real business and ask yourself – will this investment make me money?

      Hope this helps!


      P.S. I sent you an email the other day Rudy (waiting for reply)

  3. Hi Coby,

    You are so right that it takes time to build a business and earn your first dollar. I’m a newbie in this business and still have to make my first sale but my problem is getting traffic to my site. I read your WSO about your traffic course and I decided to buy your product and see if it will help me generate traffic.
    I will not give up on my dream to become a successful Internet Marketer.

    Thanks for all your good advice.

    Frank Claassen

    • Hey Frank,

      Never Give Up!

      Traffic is key! This product helped me to start seeing results because I made myself a checklist and each day I would go through each step in the Traffic course…

      Yes, I spent many months doing tons of boring stuff – until I could afford to hire a virtual assistant to do it for me.

      Now, a few months later – THis blog (among others of mine) is booming 🙂

      Keep up the hard work!

      See ya at the top!


  4. The truth is that Internet marketing can be either fast or slow. For those who get coaching and can immediately tap in their coach subscribers list, it can be four or five figures almost overnight.

    As for others (like me), who started with affiliate marketing, and then, progressively start creating their own products, it can be slow, but as you said, once everything is in place, success is inevitable.

    Franck Silvestre

  5. Hi, I am a low-tech newbie. I’ve got free and paid products on internet marketing, and they are pretty much the same process packaged under different sales pages and different names, which comes down to checking the gravity of a product on clickbank, checking Google keyword tool for popular, but not over-saturated keywords, write articles and sales pages with those keywords, check your competition, give a free gift for an opt-in form to build your list, give quality value on forums and facebook groups to attract propects, landing pages, OTOs, getting 70 PLRs for $30 with webpages that you can make money with, etc., etc. But all I know is that I can get an affiliate link for a product, and shorten it with Bitly. The rest, like setting up a squeeze page with opt-in forms, OTO, banner ads, uploading audio, image and video to your website, backlinks, signatures and a ton of techie stuff, I haven’t a clue what to do. So if there is no internet marketer that puts together a product that takes a newbie by the hand from S-c-r-a-t-c-h to success, and assume that people know the high-tech basics, then that’s why 95% of aspiring internet marketers would fail. I think there is just a ton of things to learn and too complicated for many people to make the cut. I get hundreds of emails from IMers evreyday. I don’t know how they all get my email, and I hardly get through the first page. So this is what an aspiring Internet Marketer thinks of – Internet Marketing.

    Hoping for Success,

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