How To Make Money Online Building Websites

Are you looking for an easier and faster way to start building websites so you can make money online? Watch the video below for a few quick tips…

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6 Replies to “How To Make Money Online Building Websites”

  1. Hi,
    I never got the email on how to build product websites, you were going to put it out on the 18th but I must have missed it. It was different than sniper sites with your twist. Please send me the email.


  2. Great video mate.

    Sniper sites are great and still work when used with the right niche. I set up a few a few years ago and they still bring a nice income.

    It’s good to build instant gratification ones like “fix xbox” or “computer speed up”.

    I simply wrote articles, posted them onto Ezinearticles and sent the traffic to the sniper sites.

    No one talks about these anymore because article marketing isn’t sexy. However, if you’re new and haven’t made any money online yet, it’s the best way to make your first $$$$.

    Will it make you millions, er no! But it will make a nice passive income.

    Here’s the link:—The-Stealth-Way!&id=2398780

    I write under pen names. Use this as template if you like. Copy the method. I make around $50 per month from that one article so no problems if you copy it 😉

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