Internet Marketing With Coby Subscriber Update

Hello loyal reader! I’ve had a lot of changes recently and I wanted to keep you updated… So I made you this video…

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6 Replies to “Internet Marketing With Coby Subscriber Update”

  1. Coby it looks like you been getting some rest
    So you finally move upstairs to the new office

    I do appreciate the new support you have
    to the new subscribers you will not be dissapointed

    Coby’s one of the good guys.

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for the kind words! You Rock!

      Yeah, finally got some rest and got motivated enough to move my stuff upstairs and it’s been such a great improvement for my productivity. 😀


  2. Hey Coby,

    Great video and thanks for the update! I might be crazy, and I should preface this statement by saying, I don’t use a lot of “help desks” (commas, yes, but not a lot of help desks), but the ones I’ve used, I’ve never noticed a “request” button. You are cutting edge, Dude!! It’s an excellent idea and one I may “steal”, down the road (just following the advice of some Marketers that suggest to find someone that’s “doing it right” and emulate them).

    Now don’t let this go to your head, I never said you are my hero or anything, but you really seem to be “doing it the right way”. It’s a pleasure to follow you. Thanks again and best wishes to you and yours over the Holidays!!!


  3. Congrats with achieving Jv Zoo Pick Of the day. I’m not surprised, it was a good product mate.

    Awesome list building this month as well. With stats like that you can’t complain 🙂


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