They Lied To You! The Truth To Making Money Online…

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12 Replies to “They Lied To You! The Truth To Making Money Online…”

  1. Coby, I liked the video! The main focus of it is succeeding by working. Not a new concept, but many new online marketers get sold the load that leads them to believe that making money online is so easy. Nothing good comes without real, patient, consistent EFFORT!
    I am using some of your suggestions and measuring their affect on my site.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,


  2. Awesome Coby. It’s very nice to see someone NOT promising $xx,xxx per month to people just trying to get started with online marketing. Yeah, it’s possible… but c’mon it’s not common – especially for people just now getting into it.

  3. Great information Coby, Nothing usually comes without hard work.Just speaking for myself as fairly new to the game I find myself distracted as to trying most of the “Free” methods.For me though,that’s all I can afford to do right now. I also find myself getting distracted with all the (New Shiny Objects).At the same time it seems I get “Information Overload” and can’t seem to focus on one project.So I guess I will someday have a “Homer Simpson”Doh moment lol.

    Thanks for the great Webinar’s and videos

    • Hey Logan,

      Don’t get too frustrated, this is a normal thing we all go through. I still to this day have to keep myself in check to stay on top of projects.

      Remember, pick one thing and hunker down and work it like crazy till you see results. I suggest starting to build a list 🙂


  4. It is good to here from you bro it has been a minute.

    It is good to always have a few service skills in your background.

    That little change adds up for buying domains,gigs auto responders and so forth.

    Nice post I am going to the post now even though a little late


    • Hey Sam,

      Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever went a whole week without sending an email to my buyers list before.

      I guess the turkey had me sluggish lol.

      Glad to see you stopping in.


  5. Hi Coby,

    Nice video you posted, I watched and also rated.

    Btw. There is a free for life auto-responder, but I’ll have to try it before I can give any advice/opinion about their services.

    Best wishes,
    Paulo Teller

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing about that free autoresponder when you test it out. I’m always looking for an additional basket to rest my eggs in 😉


  6. Thanks for all the info Coby. I really needed to hear this right now since I am going thru a tight spell. It is nice to have somebody like you who really tells it like it is and does all that you do to help everyone.

  7. Hi Coby,

    I did enjoy the video, I do believe that it cost money with any type of business some people don’t realize that they think they could stap their fingers and that’s it.

    So Coby thanks again and have a nice day.


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