Video – Creating A Blog Header Using Gimp

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10 Replies to “Video – Creating A Blog Header Using Gimp”

  1. Great easy to follow video Coby. I use Photoshop but realize that many people need other methods to create graphics. I initially used Gimp when I first started out and agree for the cost, it way over delivers on quality and usage.

    If you are looking for a good graphics tool, I agree that Gimp is one of the best out there for free.

    Thanks Coby,
    Kelvin Nikkel

    • Hey Kelvin,

      Thanks for the comment, I believe you can transfer these steps to Photoshop, the shortcuts may be a little different, but the general idea should be similar…


  2. Hey Coby,

    Great video tutorial on creating headers with Gimp, Coby! I’m really not very “techie” either, but enjoy the challenge when I have the time. My dilemma has been to insert a photograph into a header without getting an overly stretched picture that borders on unrecognizable as a result. Your tutorial has given me some ideas, as to how I might be able to make them look a little more “presentable”. Thanks for taking the time to educate us!

    If you’re looking for an idea for a future video, I was given this information at one time and I filed it where nobody would find it. So far, I’ve found that I’m great at hiding stuff, ugh …. haven’t been able to find that info. Maybe you know how to do this and if so, it would probably be helpful to many. There’s a way to structure videos and or photos when uploading them to sites, so that quality isn’t overly affected, but loading time is minimized. No one likes to wait for a slow web page to load and I’m no different. I’ll often leave the page if it even seems a little sluggish. Thanks again for your help Coby.


    • Hey Ken!

      Thanks! Glad you like the video… To answer you question there are a few ways I can think of to help make sites load faster…

      One tip is I always use .png images where available because they are generally higher quality than .jpg images.

      Also, there is a plug-in called “WP Cache” that is free and will make your site load super super faster…

      Hope this helps….


  3. Thanks Coby; I have Gimp sitting on my desktop, rarely touched because I do not have a good grasp of these things1 I tend to pay someone to do it for me, but having watched this video, I think it is time to have another crack.

  4. thanks Cody loved the detai– where to click, really helps us newbies. do you know of a good free wp theme and your favorite paid ones. Also I am about to start a wp blog and need to know how to start and upload a theme or choose a free one and the best plugins you use.

    Do you need to “hack proof” your blogs? I have been hesitant to start one as some people have had their sites stolen, how do you prevent that?

    You can also recommend a training course for setting up a wp blog, if you know of one. I see the blogging cash system, but is that more for systems vs details on setup, creation and plugins etc.? Do you have a checklist or blueprint you follow when setting up a blog?

    thanks again, you are a good teacher

    • Hey Joni,

      A good free WP Theme that I used to use a lot is “Weaver”. It is very customizable and you can do lots of stuff with it. Also – the default theme isn’t too bad either if you play with it some and get it looking like you want.

      To upload a theme you simply login to your blog and go to the dashboard and then go to “Appearance” then choose “themes” then choose “upload” and you select where you theme is saved on your computer and that’s pretty much it – after it installs, it will ask if you want to activate it (this will make it the current theme).

      As for “hack proofing” – I don’t go overboard with it – I use some plug-ins and stuff – but for the most part you should never be fine – getting hacked it usually rare with blogs – even though we hear about it alot.

      I don’t have a product that is a full overview of setting up a WP blog – but I do have one that shows me setting one up for Amazon sites at

      I need to do a complete blog setup product – just for beginners.

      Thanks for stopping by – don’t be a stranger 🙂


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